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As a design engineering consultancy, GRM Consulting offer a multitude of Software Solutions and services. GRM’s primary aim is to provide a way to solve complicated engineering issues with a cost effective strategy. This can be using one of our plugins (TruForm SW, GTAM, TruForm), GENESIS (the standalone package) or through support from our consulting team.

With expertise in major CAE techniques, we are able to offer expert Stress Analysis services to our global clients and ensure that parts can be created which will withstand the appropriate stresses of its lifetime.

Stress Analysis for the Automotive industry

GRM have an extensive history within the automotive industry, covering almost every analysis type possible throughout the vehicle structure, including suspension and powertrain systems.  GRM are experts in simple stress analysis through to advanced methods development, and are at the forefront of lightweighting using optimisation techniques which allow a full understanding of a design’s performances. 

The development of composites using the software package GENESIS, alongside its stress analysis capabilities, has enabled GRM to work alongside Jaguar Land Rover to deliver a composite body project (Body in White) which will help to improve CO2 emissions through light-weighting. This project is a continuous development to help produce more cost effective vehicles in the future.

Motorsport Stress Analysis

The competitive nature of the motorsport industry gives us a prime opportunity to prove the high functionality of our software and services. Additionally, the significant weight saving needs demonstrate the breadth and depth of our knowledge. With GRM being at the forefront of composite design we have been driven by the experience to provide software and support to many of the F1 teams.

The use of the software allows engineers to ensure that parts are optimised, whilst stress analysis ensures that these parts are able to deal with the loads that they may be subject to during a race.

Stress Analysis for Rail

rail 1With over a decade of experience within the rail industry, GRM are able to offer design and development for the engineering analysis of rail structures. With experience in body systems, interior systems, exterior systems and suspension systems GRM are able to provide solutions for design and crash testing of trains and their interiors, which has included a composite roof and train seats and tables in the past ten years.

Stress Analysis for the Medical industry

GRM have been involved with the use of simulation methods in the medical industry and have found that simulation methods have a huge application within the medical industry. GRM’s unique combination of design and simulation skills have led to the rapid development of magnet suspension systems for multiple attributes, significantly reducing the cost of parts. These parts met the challenges often met within the medical industry, which is the range of different requirements, including weight and temperature.

Defence Stress Analysis

GRM are world leaders in the application of advanced analysis and optimisation techniques for product design and development. GRM’s engineers are able to recreate many situations that could arise, having this ability has helped to save many lives through virtual testing and the ability to make vehicles safer. GRM’s work within the defence industry includes body systems, chassis systems and interior systems, guiding manufacturers to ensure regulations are met.

Comprehensive Aerospace Stress Analysis

GRM’s involvement within the aerospace industry encompasses all areas of the aircraft, and the benefits are countless. Fuel efficiency, environmental impact and innovating to compete for the next generation of aircraft are some of the areas GRM have been involved in. GRM have worked with Wing systems, interior systems and exterior systems, to not only light-weight but also crash test and ensure aircraft meet specific safety regulations.

Stress Analysis expertise at GRM Consulting

We’re dedicated to providing spectacular service and consulting at all times, whilst respecting the confidentiality of our partners and clients. Using a philosophy of simulation led design, GRM can help to develop products faster, cheaper and lighter.

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