GRM are world leaders in the application of advanced analysis and optimisation techniques for product design and development. Due to experience with simulations of real life scenarios GRM’s engineers are able to recreate many situations which could arise. This has been particularly helpful for a project with Cosworth, which required the simulation of mine blasts to determine the most injurious seating position for different blast locations. Virtual testing of many individual scenarios led to the optimal positioning of Cosworth’s Military Accident Data Recorder (MADR) allowing medical personnel to access injury predictions before arriving at the scene of an incident.

Advanced simulation is widely used within the defence industry, as it allows the testing of various situations which particularly during a blast development program can save significant amounts of time and cost.

Body Systems

military 1Our project work and consulting support has covered the delivery of over ten vehicles, typically to meet the requirements of STANAG 4569 and AEP 55. We are involved early in programmes to aid in the definition of blast strategies and to assess the interaction between powertrain components as the blast evolves. Our library of material models is extensive and covers the majority of steel materials selected by military design engineers.

Chassis Systems

The requirement for a durable structure is no different to many other industries, therefore GRM applies the same techniques to deliver defence chassis systems. Our optimisation methods also allow the definition of lightweight solutions to many of the typical chassis loadings. By applying our experience and software solutions, we aid in the delivery of innovative designs for today’s military environment.

Interior Systems

military 2Our experience of developing seats is significant and we have simulated the majority of seats currently in service. We guide manufacturers in the selection of blast mitigating solutions and refine them using our simulation methods to deliver occupant protection over multiple event scenarios. Seating is also assessed to the many other requirements such as seat belt anchorage tests as required by ECE Regulation 14.

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