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Contact GRM to learn how our design optimisation software tools and experienced CAE services team can assist in achieving your structural requirements within mass targets.  GRM's services and software encompass all areas of the aircraft design and the benefits of optimisation within the aerospace industry are countless. It is being used to meet the same challenges many manufacturers and industries face, namely: fuel efficiency through mass savings, environmental impact and innovating to compete while developing the next generation of aircraft.

Optimisation Software Suited to your Process

Enabling the latest development methods to be applied to your design GRM provides optimisation products specific to your standard FEA/Simulation tools

Ansys - GTAM & GSAM
Abaqus - TruForm
Nastran - Genesis
SolidWorks - TruForm SW

Wing Systems

OptiAssistOur experience in wings has covered the development of new and advanced structures including novel truss-like wing ribs and the application of composite materials. It is our expertise with composites and OptiAssist that have found particular application in the aircraft arena and this has also covered the manufacturing process where the design of wing moulds with prescribed stiffness is critical. By using optimisation methods the development time can be significantly cut and high quality solutions delivered.

Interior Systems

Working in the field of seating is a great challenge due to the complexities of Federal Regulation 14 CFR (Part 23.562). While the loading is typical of many others we have experience of, the pre-load and floor twist requirement demands a more detailed approach. We have the skills to overcome these difficulties and have delivered support to various manufacturers.

Exterior Systems

aerospace1The simulation of landing gear requires detailed contact analysis to progress the loading correctly through the structure. With the capability of contact present in Genesis this gives a much more advanced optimisation result with far greater real-world representation. When interpreting a result, the solution is much closer to success and requires minimal refinement compared to other optimisation approaches.


The application of composites within the fuselage to reduce the weight while increasing the structural performance is a well-established area of expertise for GRM. We’ve developed methods which allow us to assess structures against a whole host of scenarios including vulnerability in the air and on the ground, ensuring that the craft are safer than ever before.

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