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Speaker Spotlight: Rob Gow of Robot Bike Co.

Our roster of speakers at OED2018 features some impressive names, not least of whom is Rob Gow – a skilled Product Designer and Mechanical Design Engineer with Robot Bike Co.

Throughout his working life, Rob has tackled an array of unusual products, including projects as diverse as luxury aircraft interiors for Zodiac Seats UK, Dyson vacuum cleaners, anthrax detectors, and even contemporary beehives – all of which saw him gain invaluable experience and develop an impressive skill set.

Robot Bike CoAfter a globe-trotting career which took him as far afield as New Zealand, Rob returned to the UK to work for Robot Bike Co, based in South Wales. As their lead designer, he introduced titanium additive manufacturing in order to further the company’s goal of producing the best mountain bikes in the world. Each and every bike produced at RBC is built with its individual rider in mind, featuring a one-of-a-kind bespoke frame that grants incredible responsiveness.

Since they began working alongside GRM, RBC have reaped enormous benefits and hugely refined their design process. The simulation-led design made possible by GRM’s Truform topology optimisation software has been a boon to the company and allowed them to consider the input of both industrial designers and stress engineers, resulting in a new kind of bike design that outshines the establishment of the high-end mountain bike market.

RobotBikeCo - R130

On Saturday, 22nd April, RBC won an award for the best mountain bike at the Bespoked UK Show in Bristol by Single Track Magazine. The new R130 is leading the way in design and performance.

At the OED2018 conference, Rob will present how he envisions the future of mountain bikes and show how Robot Bike Co has continued to push the envelope of bike engineering, emphasising the relationship between bike and rider, and how optimised design can yield unbelievable performance.

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