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What is Topology Optimisation?

Topology Optimisation is a mathematical approach that defines the optimum materiallayout within a given package envelope, for agiven set of loads and boundary conditions.Applying topology optimisation at the initialdesign phase ensures maximum benefit is achieved, guiding engineers to the most structurally efficient and lightweight concept designs. 

GRM provides leading Topology Optimisation software products and consulting services,including integrated software solutions into popular programmes, ANSYS, SolidWorks and TruForm Abaqus.

To find out more about Topology Optimisation and its importance at GRM, read this article from Eureka Magazine - Optimised Starting Position.

Topology Optimisation Software Solutions at GRM

GRM have a number of different simulation software solutions which meet a wide range of different needs. With both stand-alone and integrated optimisation tools available, GRM offer the most complete suite of optimisation software available on the market. Whether it is an entry level tool integrated into an existing CAD package, or a stand- alone enterprise solution aimed at the experienced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and optimisation user, GRM have the right tool for you. 


TruForm SW - Solidworks Topology Optimisation - Provides users with a simple yet powerful optimisation method. Those who have used SOLIDWORKS simulation before will be familiar with how the structural performance of designs can be assessed under specific loading conditions with ease.

TruForm - Abaqus Topology Optimisation - An integrated Topology Optimisation solution for Abaqus/CAE users. It is powered by an embedded version of VR&D GENESIS. Importantly, TruForm requires no pre-preparation of Abaqus models. This means that it can be set up and submitted in less that 60 seconds – users are able to perform mass reduction studies or optimal load path analysis.

GTAM – Genesis Topology for Ansys Mechanical – Fully integrated extension to Ansys workbench, providing GENESIS Topology Optimisation to Ansys. When used as an embedded tool within the workbench environment, applying Topology Optimisation to the Ansys Analysis workflow means that engineers are able to develop optimal structural designs and load paths.

GENESIS – Enterprise Optimisation Solution – The industry leader in structural optimisation methods, including advanced Topology optimisation methods (Standalone Package)

Topology Optimisation expertise at GRM Consulting

We are committed to providing solutions and services of the highest quality whilst respecting the confidentiality of our partners and clients on joint projects.

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