OED2018 Speaker Spotlight – Markus Hose

OED2018 Keynote Speaker – Markus Hose

Can Optimisation Support the Challenges of Modern Engineering?

Markus Hose is a Systems Integration Manager for JLR’s new generation of electrified powertrains. Previous to this, Markus spent 5 years in research where he was responsible for electrification, transmissions, driveline and P.T. structures. It was through this last area that he developed a strong relationship with the team at GRM undertaking exciting research projects. One such project was the INNOVATE UK ULTRAN (Ultra Light-weight TRAnsmission and driveliNe), which went on to win the JLR Innovista Innovation Award.

“Optimisation isn't a tool-set. Optimisation is a process which people live.”  - Markus Hose

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Speaker Biography

Graduating from Loughborough University with a MEng in Automotive Engineering in 2005, Markus completed his MSc in Automotive technology Management in 2012.
From 2006-2013 he worked at Ricardo MTC, gaining design and analysis experience within total powertrain and hybrid vehicles.
Transitioning to a Transmission Concept Engineer role with JLR in June 2012, and then to Research Manager within electrification, drive transfer and propulsion structures in March 2014.
Markus is now a manager in Electrification System Engineering. 

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Can Optimisation Support the Challenges of Modern Engineering?

Can Optimisation Support the Challenges of Modern Engineering?

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