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Merry Christmas from all at GRM

From everyone at GRM, we would sincerely like to wish you the heartiest Seasons Greetings for the forthcoming Christmas period. What a year it has been for all of us and let us all hope for a positive and prosperous New Year. To all of our customers, partners and suppliers,

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OptiAssist for Abaqus Introductory Webinar

Wednesday October 27th 2021 @ 15:00 BSTRegistration Link Composite materials offer the ultimate flexibility in tailored structures for stiffness & strength. Combining this flexibility with AI-Driven tools increases the performance of your composite structures. Developed as part of the OPTIMA collaborative project with Red Bull Advanced Technologies and McLaren, OptiAssist for Abaqus

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A Lighter Look at Japanese Engineering

Our optimisation tools and processes seem to get everywhere. In our Japanese office, design and manufacturing partner HVD wanted to demonstrate the 3D printing capabilities. Here we have a pair of ladies high heel shoes, optimised with GENESIS’ Generative Design Solver.