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Rapidly optimise your design for minimum mass using TruForm, Abaqus Topology Optimisation. As an integrated solution within Abaqus/CAE, and powered by the industry leading optimisation solver VR&D GENESIS, TruForm provides a powerful optimisation method in an extremely simple and straightforward user interface. With TruForm you can rapidly reduce the mass of your designs, identify and resolve design issues and understand optimal load paths.

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Key features of TruForm, Abaqus Topology Optimisation include:

Selection of individual model and section from complex database

• Extensive model and results processing utilities
• 3 optimisation solution modes:

             1. Fixed mass, maximum stiffness
             2. Minimise mass, maximum stress limit
             3. Minimise mass, maximum plastic strain limit

• Support of non-linear geometry and material
• Optimisation for multiple load step and loadcase data
• Solver locally or export to HPC server

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Abaqus Topology - Our Expertise

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