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Agoria Solar Team push for 2023 Victory

Agoria Solar Team World Championship Winning Car

2019 World Solar Challenge winners, Agoria Solar Team, are using GRM’s OptiAssist for Simcenter 3D to tailor their ply patterns and develop the optimum laminate for their new solar vehicle with respect to stiffness requirements and regulatory crash safety. Commenting on their rapid adoption of OptiAssist, Agoria’s engineering team commented that “the intuitive interface allows for setting up a Nastran Solution 200 in very little time. It also gives design freedom within the constraints of producibility.

Advanced optimization tools such as OptiAssist for Simcenter 3D vastly simplify the iterative design process of the laminates in the solar vehicle, and thus save valuable time. As can be seen in these figures, this new design workflow was validated on the model of the previous solar car, the Bluepoint Atlas. Together with GRM the Agoria Solar Team aims to win the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia in 2023.”

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