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It is an exciting time in the automotive industry as there has been a revolution in the field of electrification.  GRM have provided both component and systemic level solutions for the optimisation of a variety of projects.  

With market forces accelerating the drive to EVs, the engagement of innovative and cutting edge technologies, driven by experts in the field, have grown the role of GRM in this sector.  With the commercial transfer of vehicles to electric drive chains, the importance of battery optimisation, safety, cost and battery life play important factors in this process. The CAE expertise of GRM and the optimisation lead design approach to engineering lead to innovative results.

In the video below, JLR Systems Integration Manager, Markus Hose, delivers the key note at GRM's biennial conference - OED2018.   He explained the power of optimised engineering design when delivered at a systemic level while working on JLRs Formula E car.

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Testing the safety performance of a full battery through extrusion, crushing and squeezing. 
This rules out smoking, fire and explosion after full testing, to meet safety standards


Testing and optimisation of batteries to meet the safety requirements with respect to electric power trains of road vehicles of categories M & N, with maximum speeds over 25 km/h.


As an important feature when concerning large format, energy dense lithium ion batteries, CAE tools predicting the response of the battery pack to a variety of abusive conditions supports analysis during the design phase , thus reducing requirements for extensive physical testing.


Automotive crash scenarios can be designed to simulate the multiphysics response of external and internal short circuits, providing data to provide you with highly optimised systems.


The response of electric components to their environmental conditions that they are exposed to. Analaysis of the response to the vibration of their mounting points and thermal loading throughout a use cycle and thus the fatigue response and ......... of these components.

The assessment of a rotating machine response to specified imbalance and the study of how these effects will occur throughout
the operating cycle and the operating RPM of a motor.



The development of gearbox and motor casings to deliver lightweight designs capable of meeting all environmental and external loadings they are subjected to. While maintainng the motors and the gears within a defined volume, assessing bulk loads, gasket ceilings and pressures to add a drive and use cycle.


Ensuring that the motor is able to deliver it's performance througout a temperature range and assess which parts of this range it can operate at which level of power generation.


GRM understands all these conditions and uses our design optimisation methods, bringing them together to deliver designs capable of meeting multiple load cases

• Fine tuning a design to achieve weight savings on a mature design
• Identifying and resolving localised stress issues for a given design



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Structural Engineering in the Fluid Environment of the America's Cup

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