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GRM at the Advanced Engineering Show 2017

The Advanced Engineering Show concluded last Thursday, closing on two days of lively networking with the wider Engineering industry. We represented the best of topology optimisation and advanced simulation with a few of our projects, including: the Robot Bike Co R130 rocker component; the ULTRAN Rear Drive Unit (RDU) developed for a prototype range rover; and the CLASS lightweight composite suspension knuckle for a prototype Ford Focus. There must be some kind of connection between mountain bikers and professional engineers, as the Robot Bike Co demonstration was easily the biggest draw throughout the event, bringing in crowds that were often larger than the more visually elaborate demonstrations occurring elsewhere in the show.

Since we sell entirely non-physical software and services, it’s not often we get to demonstrate the actual tangible results of our work. The Land Rover RDU, for example, lost 8.5kg off its total weight after being redesigned using our advanced optimisation methods, turning a previously bulky and heavy part into a streamlined piece of high-performance equipment, and the show provided us with a real chance to let the industry see the finished part in-person.

We also managed to take a few moments away from the stand to take a look around and see what’s developing in the world of advanced engineering, including virtual reality factories and the 3D printing of titanium parts – something used in the robot bike project. Already looking forward to doing it all over again next year!