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Renault Abstract

Optimised Roll Hoop Design Methods

Presented by Richard White, Renault Sport F1 Team at OED2016

Half car Abstract: The development of a lightweight roll hoop design presents an interesting and difficult challenge
for optimisation methods. Due to the combination of non-linear loading to failure, contact analysis and
multiple loading conditions optimisation tools must consider several difficult challenges.

Demonstrating the real world combination methods with more traditional engineering design practises,
Richard’s presentation will consider two distinct approaches to the optimisation of the Renault Sport F1
roll hoop design, comparing each of their relative merits.

The presentation will discuss the motivations behind achieving a low mass roll hoop design, highlighting
why even small gains in mass saving can have notable effects on performance.


There are still spaces available for OED2016 on Thursday, 21st April 2016 at the Williams Conference Centre, Grove. Admission is £45 which includes; lunch, parking, delegate pack and tour of the Williams Museum. You can register by either following the link or calling our sales team on +44(0)1926 889300