Advanced Composite Simulation & Optimisation

Working with F1 teams, major automotive companies, and high performance marine for over a decade, GRM prides itself in being able to provide its customers with the latest composite analysis and optimisation techniques, through a combination of robust CAE consulting and cutting edge software solutions.

Having worked on composite structures in the automotive and aerospace industries for over 14 years our experience allows us to efficiently develop minimum mass composite structures. This experience, coupled with GRM's advanced simulation and optimisation software toolkit, means that we are able to guide our customers to light-weight designs, delivering the most efficient layup for the defined requirements.


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Composite Analysis & Optimisation Software

As distributors of VR&D Genesis, GRM develop advanced tools to facilitate the analysis and optimisation of composites, providing a complete composite optimisation solution to the majority of the Formula 1 teams.

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Genesis and OptiAssist composite modelling capabilities: 
  • Advanced linear analysis of composites
  • Composite Modeller
  • Composite Reporter (HTML, .layup)
  • Ply sensitivity Plotter
  • Laminate Optimisation

Composites within Consulting

We use simulation methods to make accurate analysis predictions of both the linear and more significantly the non-linear behavior of composite materials. Using LS-DYNA as a solver code, GRM have developed and validated non-linear composite materials to test. GRM also provide training for the simulation of composite materials, and this reflects the level of experience GRM have in their simulation and validation
Advanced non-linear simulation capabilities:

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  • Non-linear impact modelling
  • Detailed failure modelling
    Roll Hoop Case Study

    Click the link to read a case study about how composite laminate optimisation was used to optimise a Roll Hoop for a Formula 1 car. As formula 1 fans will know the roll hoop is a critical part of the vehicle, with strict regulations governing its design. It directs air to cool the engine, as well as providing protection to the driver should the car flip. Therefore it is extremely important that the composite laminate optimisation that is conducted to drive the design forward is done correctly and incorporates all the necessary performance criteria.

    lotus roll hoop
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