TruForm - Abaqus Topology Optimisation

TruForm – Abaqus Topology Optimisation

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TruForm is an integrated Topology Optimisation solution for Abaqus/ CAE users. Powered by an embedded version of the industry leading optimisation solver VR&D Genesis. TruForm provides a powerful optimisation method in a simple and straightforward user interface.
TruForm for Abaqus enables designers to create a lightweight design in the interface which is used on a daily basis. When applying the technology at the initial design phase users can be assured they will be guided to the most structurally efficient and lightweight designs.

Benefits and Capabilities

  • • Complete integration to Abaqus/ CAE.

  • • Can perform mass reduction studies or optimal load path analysis.

  • • Reduce cost and improve performance.

  • • Requires no pre-prep of Abaqus/ CAE models. 

Case Study – Lotus F1 Team

Lotus F1 Team are one of many companies taking advantage of TruForm’s speed of set-up to understand where mass can be removed from their existing designs. Prior to design sign-off detailed Abaqus models are submitted for overnight optimisation, requiring approximately 5 Abaqus analysis iterations.

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TruForm is available as an additional plugin module to Abaqus/CAE and requires almost no training to allow Abaqus users to begin performing Topology Optimisation Studies.

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