TruPly - ABAQUS Composite Design Optimisation

TruPly - ABAQUS Composite Design Optimisation

TruPly is an integrated composite design optimisation solution for ABAQUS users, powered by an embedded version of the industry leading optimisation solver GENESIS. TruPly provides a powerful composite optimisation method in a simple and straightforward user interface.

TruPly for Abaqus enables composite designers and engineers to determine the optimum ply shapes, and the ideal number of plies in a stack, to guide them towards the most lightweight laminate which will meet their structural requirements. By guiding engineers towards the most efficient layup TruPly can minimise the time to market by reducing the time spent designing.

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What Are the Benefits of Using TruPly Abaqus?

Composite laminate (sizing) and ply shape (topometry) optimisation for ABAQUS

Run ply shape optimisation (topometry) to determine the optimal ply layout

Run sizing optimisation to determine the number of plies required in your layup

Standalone program does not require Abaqus/CAE to run

Reads in ABAQUS .inp files built in any pre-processor


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