Genesis – Advanced FE Analysis & Optimisation

GENESIS is a fully integrated finite element analysis and design optimisation software package, written by leading experts in structural optimisation and used by numerous automotive companies and Formula 1 teams. It is driven by its own environment in a software programe called Design Studio providing a complete pre & post-processing background for both the analysis and optimisation capabilities of Genesis.

Further to providing an efficient solution for all your structural analysis requirements, Genesis can by used to find an optimum design efficently and reliably. It produces different iterations of designs using analysis and sensitivity information from DOT or BIGDOT optimisers. Once it has optimised the problems for one iterations a new finite element analysis is performed and the process is repeated until the solution has converged to the optimum.

Genesis is easy to learn, so no special knowledge of optimisation technology is required. Many design options are available for users including: shape, sizing, topography, topometry and topology. Shape/sizing and topography optimisation typically require less than ten detailed finite element analyses, even for large and complex design tasks. The topology and topometry optimisation typically takes twenty or less detailed finite element analyses.


  • Reduces Cost and Improves Performance – by generating new designs based on user criteria such as mass minimization, frequency maximization, stress or displacement constraints and many more.
  • Reduces Engineering Time – Genesis has powerful embedded solvers such as our SMS eigensolver which speeds up solving time and is 2 to 5 times faster for small to midsize problems and 5 to 10 time faster for very large problems.
  • Innovative Designs Come To Life – robust designs can be realized as our optimiser, BIGDOT, can handle extremely large numbers of design variables. This allows an engineer to explore the entire design space with either topology, topometry, or topography optimisation.

Analysis Capabilities

  • Linear Statics
  • Normal Modes/ Natural Frequency
  • Direct and Modal Frequency Analysis
  • Random Response
  • Heat transfer
  • Buckling Analysis
  • Advanced Composite Analysis
  • Inertia Relief
  • Sensitivity
  • Super Element Reduction & Reading


SMS – Integrated Fast Eigenvalue Solver

For large scale normal modes and frequency response analysis problems GENESIS incorporates VR&D’s fast eigenvalue solver, SMS. The SMS solver, also available as an addition to other codes such as MSC/Nastran, is fully integrated into GENESIS, providing modal solve times up to 10 times faster than conventional Lanczos solutions.

True 64bit

Unlike many other solver codes, GENESIS’ 64bit implementation is complete, with all modules developed to take advantage of modern 64bit architecture.

SMP Parallel Solving

Taking advantage of modern multi-core hardware, GENESIS supports shared memory parallel solving, at no additional licensing cost.

Optimisation Capabilities

  • Sizing Optimisation – is an optimisation capability which allows the user to find the best dimensions of any designable elements like bars, shells and composites. In total, 17 types of elements are designable with sizing.
  • Shape Optimisation – is an optimisation capability which allows the user to find the best shape possible. The software finds the best location of the finite element nodes, which define the shape of the structure.
  • Topography Optimisation – is an optimisation capability which allows the user to find the location and shape of bead patterns to stiffen panel structures.
  • Topometry Optimisation – is a unique optimisation capability which allows the user to find the optimal distribution of sizing dimensions over the structure. Like topology, this capability can be used to find the optimal places to take out material. Unlike topology, it also can be used to find the best places to add additional material.
  • Composite Optimisation – is an optimisation capabilty whichallowsthe user to find the optimal ply placements to support all the loading conditions considered. GENESIS uniquely considers strength design limits, allowing engineers to consider all the loading requirements at the key concept stage of structure.
  • Topology Optimisation – is an optimisation capability which allows the user to find the best distribution of material. With topology optimisation, an optimal structure is generated by carving out material from a given design space, allowing for a given amount of material.
  • Freeform Optimisation – is a new special shape optimisation capability which allows the user to find the best location and shape of rib patterns that stiffen solid structures. It can also be used to find the best location of grids in any type of structure.


Design Studio

Design Studio for Genesis is a design oriented pre- and post-processor graphical interface for the Genesis Structural Analysis and Optimisation Software. Design Studio allows users to display finite element models and to easily create Genesis design data. It allows users to display analysis as well as optimisation results. The interface runs in multiple platform including windows, linux and unix.


  • Easy and fast to create Genesis data
  • Built-in trails makes it easy to create objectives and constraints
  • Built-in trails makes it easy to parameterize the model
  • Easy and fast to post-process
  • Contour plots and animations for stress, displacement, thickness, etc.
  • Deformed shape plots and animations
  • Displays simultaneously deformation and contours
  • On the fly isodensities for topology
  • Frequency response plots
  • Helps to create reports and presentations
  • Allows making pictures (png format)
  • Allows creating animations (gif format)
  • Catalogs of views to create pictures with same orientations
  • Back and forward buttons to return to previous view
  • Color control for printings