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GRM Managing Director, Martin Gambling, Presented at the Siemens Digital Industries Software 2019 Simcenter Conference.

GRM’s Managing Director, Martin Gambling, enjoyed an eye opening conference in Amsterdam which showcased the extensive range of simulation capabilities within the Simcenter ecosystem.

“Great to be part of such a large and successful event, presenting with INEOS Team UK on how they have used OptiAssist for Simcenter 3D to such success in their current developments”.

Martin Gambling, Managing Director – GRM Consulting

“Really interesting talk from Hannah Fry to start the conference.” Dr Hannah Fry, mathematician and science presenter, delivered her keynote on ‘ How to be Human in the Age of the Machine’. It was a tour of ‘the good, bad and the downright ugly of the algorithms that surround us’.

Martin Gambling presented with America’s Cup competitors, INEOS Team UK, on the topic of “Meeting the Composite Design Challenge of the America’s Cup”. The presentation outlined the history of the America’s Cup and INEOS Team UK‘s heritage in the sport, before providing an introduction to the extensive capabilities of OptiAssist.

“In the America’s Cup, the impact of optimisation is pretty important. It’s a competition between teams, so eking out the last bit of performance over and above your competitors is very important. Extracting maximum performance using rational optimisation tools is particularly relevant to us.”

David Jonson, Team leader – Structures – INEOS TEAM UK
David Jonson Delivers his Presentation on ‘Structural Engineering in the Fluid Environment of the America’s Cup’, at OED2018

The presentation then turned to how the application of OptiAssist for Simcenter 3D was used to great effect in supporting INEOS Team UK in the development of their current AC75 class America’s Cup entrant.

GRM would like to thank Siemens Digital Industries Software for organising such a successful and expansive event.

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