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GRM’s Managing Director, Martin Gambling, Invited to present at the Net Composites ‘Composites in Motorsport 2019’ Conference and Exhibition on Tuesday 22nd October.

Integrating Laminate Optimisation Techniques into the Uncompromising World of Motorsport


Optimisation techniques provide engineers with the opportunity to develop designs for maximum performance and minimum mass, which is especially suited to MotorSport. What on the outside seems a clear symbiosis of techniques and requirements does, however, encounter issues presented by the inherent time pressures of the MotorSport industry. Since 2003, GRM have been working closely with Formula 1 teams to develop and refine composite laminate optimisation tools.

These identify the most efficient ply shapes and laminate definitions to meet stringent loading requirements. Now in its 16th year, GRM continues to supply and work with all major Formula 1 teams, providing and continuing to develop techniques for laminate optimisation and, more recently, has seen these methods extend into the Formula E arena. This presentation will focus on the real world application of these techniques and the continued drive to streamline their application into the day-to-day development process.

Experience, which will be presented, has demonstrated that combining optimisation techniques with good engineering practice delivers the most robust benefits of both ‘human experience’ and numerical methods. A more recent focus on developments is the creation of efficient reporting methods, which convey the laminate designs created in the simulation environment to manufacturing. This transition has been observed to be a time-consuming step. Identified by many teams, it is an area requiring further focus, key to realising the potential performance gains predicted in simulation. Techniques and solutions to streamline this key step will be presented.