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CAITO® Composite Division Exhibited at JEC World 2019

GRM enjoyed the exhibition and the chance to showcase the range of our comprehensive CAITO® software and services with delegates, clients and colleagues.  

It was great to learn about some of the challenges in the industry, while exploring the spectrum of innovation and expertise in composites.

GRM Managing Director, Martin Gambling, states “I think the biggest point I’ve seen looking around JEC is that there’s still a long way to go for its adoption by the industry, but I think that’s on us to make it easier to use. Probably the biggest thing as well is to consider the manufacturing factors a lot more. There’s a real big take away for us to make sure that we consider all the manufacturing effects in the optimisation process, so it’s all relevant.”

When asked about the most interesting innovation he’d seen in a busy week, GRM’s Technical Director, Oliver Tomlin, said “I rather liked the specific placement of tapes, using machines to place on top of everyday SMC.  Local reinforcement, local directional fibres to manage particular loads. I thought that was quite fascinating.

It was a great experience that enriched GRM’s composite service and software knowledge. Something that can only benefit our clients and composite portfolio.