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Visit to GRM Japan

In November 2017 our Managing Director, Martin Gambling, had the opportunity to visit the GRM Japan offices in the Toyota City area, Nagoya, giving him the chance to invigorate some established opportunities and meet with existing partners.

Over the 3-day visit he and GRM’s Japanese representative met with our Japan design partner company, HVD’s management team (see the picture below with the electric bike), and the Japanese VR&D reseller, DI Square, giving him the opportunity to confirm a partner agreement to support VR&D sales activities – they’re in the street picture below.

Visit to GRM Japan

It was a short, but exciting visit, and allowed a valuable understanding to be gained of the requirements and working culture of the Japanese automotive industry, enabling GRM to serve this market faster and better in the future. This understanding was partially gained through visiting both local tier suppliers and international giants like Toyota, providing a first-hand knowledge of the day-to-day operation of Japanese automotive manufacturers.

Back in the UK now, Martin is putting some of his Japanese experiences to good use in the UK Office and is looking forward to heading back out there soon!