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GRM Celebrate One Year in Partnership with Harada Vehicle Design

HVD have been GRM Consulting’s partners in Japan since June 2016. HVD are based in Miyoshi, Aichi, Japan with their main areas of expertise being in vehicle interior parts design, seat design, wiring harnesses and exterior trim design including door handles/locks, grilles and spoilers.

HVD joined GRM as partners to grow their portfolio, further tailoring to the needs of their existing customers which include Toyota and Aisin Seiki. GRM are contributing their expertise of CAE analysis tools and optimisation capabilities. HVD have worked on the design and prototype manufacture of seat frames and trim for Lexus and Toyota, as well as the design and manufacture of special edition vehicles for various major Japanese OEMs.

HVD’s extensive rapid prototyping facilities allow the swift development and verification of our optimised design solutions, offering great benefits to our customers.

This relationship offers a refreshing perspective to both companies, with GRM expanding into industrial design and prototyping, and HVD developing an understanding of Finite Element Analysis and an optimisation based approach to engineering.

GRM are very grateful to our partners for their continued support as we seek to expand our Japan office into the exciting Japanese engineering industry. We look forward to continuing to work together to develop new, innovative products using our combined expertise.

Find out more about GRM Japan and HVD here.