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Genesis v15.0

Genesis V15.0 Released

Genesis is a fully integrated finite element analysis and design optimisation software package, delivering to users GRM’s ethos of optimised engineering design. Written by leading experts in structural optimisation, VR&D, and enhanced by GRM’s own software development team, Genesis is the optimisation tool of choice for major Automotive OEMs and the majority of the Formula 1 grid.

The latest release of VR&D Genesis 15.0 is launched this month, with key enhancements to its design understanding tools and composite laminating reporter. Improving the accessibility of Genesis optimisation techniques to your design process, 15.0 brings significant improvements to analysis and optimisation.

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New Feature Update Webinar

Hosted by GRM in January, watch the launch update webinar detailing and demonstrating the latest features. Watch the webinar using the link below to learn more about how Genesis 15.0 can help your engineering productivity.

To watch our update register using the link:
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Key new features include:


  • Increased understanding of designs through enhanced sensitivity plotting tools.
  • Rapid and accurate generation of laminate manufacturing plybooks through Composite Reporter.
  • Improved accessibility to Genesis optimisation through Abaqus and SolidWorks Simulation Translators.
  • Closer to design complete Topology solutions through enhanced manufacturing constraints.



Highlights of Genesis 15.0


  • Cloning of the Topology across multiple regions
  • New fabrication constraints for Topology
  • Updated DOT optimiser; now using DOT 7.0
  • Bolt pretension analysis is supported to facilitate nonlinear contact analysis using bolt preloading.
  • External eigensolvers can now be coupled with Genesis for eigenvalue analysis.
  • Glue connection for heat transfer analysis.
  • Non-structural mass can now be added by element
  • Reduced output size with default compression





Find out more about how Genesis 15.0 or GRM’s other optimisation software products can help you to meet your design performance requirements, providing clear benefits to performance, mass reduction and design issue requirements, providing clear benefits to performance, mass reduction and design issue resolution by contacting our sales team on +44(0)1926 889300 or